Healthy or delicious? Delicious or healthy? Why not a combo?
crispy and nourishing nachos
great traditional taste of Greek salad
special soup where chicken and hearty vegetables
tasty traditional omelette with cheese and vegetables
delicious pancakes with banana
With a black olive & sun-dried tomato
roasted butternut, shallots, creamy Italian cheese and spinach
freshly baked focaccia, ciabatta and seeded crackerbread
crispy and nourishing nachos
steamy tomato soup with chicken noodle
carefully grilled and served with fresh vegetable salad
ideal combination of sweet, bitter and sour tastes
sweet taste of berries and milky desserts
creamy and rich nutty dessert is a super tastie for children and adults
cooked as a sponge cake with chocolate and flavoring
natural ice cream with different topics
elderflower & honey perfume from the first family
hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream

It’s easier than a lot of people might think. In our restaurant it’s an old tradition to cook healthy dishes and keep them delicious. We always make sure to get only fresh products from our local farms, fish from nearby vendor, vegetables from home farms. Everything is baked or steamed, cooked with fresh herbs and filtered water. For sweets we also use fructose or natural fruit without sugar. Our kitchen is also open for short visits if you are very curious of how we make this magic. In our restaurant we make all your delicious dreams healthy!