Broccoli pesto pizza and more offers for vegetarians in our new updated menu.

We only add to our menu and never delete traditional dishes you know and love! Taking into account how many people took the vegetarian lifestyle, we decided so support them with 5 new dishes for vegetarians that are well-known all over the world. So, the main course of vegetarians now includes the following dishes: mushroom soup, courgette carpaccio, sweetcorn beignets, and broccoli pesto pizza, new potato fritatta, miso aubergines. Come and try! Please remember that we are always happy to receive your propositions and reflect on whether we can include it into the menu.

Chocolate party at our restaurant this Sunday!

It’s an awesome events for everybody – couples, friends, children and all chocolate lovers! You know that we have a huge choice of chocolate sweets and cakes in our menu and we really love it! We are provided with only high quality chocolate from Europe and cook it with a variety of toppings and drinks. So we decided to make one day just special and devote it to chocolate crafts that you’ll be able to taste for free and buy as well. Be prepared to a huge choice of dishes! We will be happy to meet everybody!

Meet new holiday menu

Holidays, holidays… Winter holidays are really special days for many of us. That’s a fantastic cold seasons tradition to come together a group of friends somewhere at a cozy place and have a cup of cocoa with marshmallow, glintwein or just herbal tea. We offer everything for you to feel yourself home with close people. In our new holiday menu you’ll find 3 more fruit and jelly sweets, various porridges with meat or sweet ones with poppy, nuts and raisins. Moreover, we’ve prepared more drinks! These include blueberry infusions, hot milk cocktails with honey and two new pies with apples and strawberries.

Here we make healthy food delicious

Healthy or delicious? Delicious or healthy? Why not a combo? It’s easier than a lot of people might think. In our restaurant it’s an old tradition to cook healthy dishes and keep them delicious. We always make sure to get only fresh products from our local farms, fish from nearby vendor, vegetables from home farms. Everything is baked or steamed, cooked with fresh herbs and filtered water. For sweets we also use fructose or natural fruit without sugar. Our kitchen is also open for short visits if you are very curious of how we make this magic. In our restaurant we make all your delicious dreams healthy!

Should each small restaurant have pizza in the menu?

That’s a tricky question, agree? You might say of course not, all depends on the restaurant cuisine. But today more and more people want to see pizza in the menu even if it’s not an Italian restaurant. So what path is right? Should the restaurants follow the trend or better keep their authenticity? We’ve already answered this question for our own business – we include various kinds of pizza into our menu because our philosophy of fusion cuisine allows it. All we could recommend to others – just follow your tradition and wishes of your clients.

Poster contest to celebrate restaurant anniversary!

Wow, this day has come! We are going to celebrate 3rd anniversary of our restaurant and invite everybody to join us this day! We offer a special menu, a concert of different bands and round-the-clock work this day! But now we’d like to talk about some preparation in which we sick for your help and creativity. We want to have some old-fashioned and creative poster to present this anniversary! The winner will get 2 gift vouchers for $300 each for a dinner at our restaurant at any time! We are very picky, so try to be very creative! If you are not our customer, try to find out more about our restaurant and its traditions right here on the official website. We await for your ideas!

Jazz concert each Friday!

There are people who come to the restaurant to eat, there are some who come to listen to music, some to feel a special atmosphere, and people who come for all this in harmony. That’s why we care to make our restaurant home for all our visitors. If you are our loyal client, you must have noticed that we love good music and professional bands, but did not have any constant plan till this day! Now be prepared to have wonderful jazz evenings and make your being here even more pleasant! We invite diverse local and foreign jazz bands for different tastes. Watch our updates in social networks and posters. More news to come!

Get a gift voucher at our restaurant

We’ve prepared some fantastic news for those who prefer to collect moments instead of things and want to share this idea with friends and relatives! Our new offer is a gift voucher for the restaurant visits! You can choose the best one that suits your budget, get it either at the restaurant or online! Moreover, you’ll have an option to book a table for a particular date right away. Otherwise, the person you grant this voucher to can change the dates when needed. Don’t lose your chance to make the best present of happy moments!

Book food online on our website

As you could see from our updates website menu design, you are not able to order any dish from the available menu right from our website! Just pick the needed dish from the needed category, click Add to cart, provide your info and choose the way to pay. At the moment we received only positive feedbacks that it was very easy and a handy process. If you are a fan of online bookings, try out our system and provide us with your feedback! We cannot wait to learn more about your experience.

View all menu details even before you go to the restaurant!

We replaced an old pdf doc with a new interactive online menu that properly presents all our dishes – photos, price, weight, ingredients, etc. With us you are always sure you won’t get a pig in a poke, we even include all Nutrition information to each food item! We really hope it will more useful for you. The menu interface is also very handy and properly categorized, so you don’t need to look for a specific item for a long time. We work to make sure you feel yourself comfortable on both in a restaurant and on our website!